Need a place!
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Greetings Chicagoans. I'm currently seeking a new place to live and I am wondering if anyone can help. I've searched all over online, from the usual (craigslist, the Reader) to more unusual sites, which brings me here. I need a place - a room, studio, sublet, whatever - that is clean, pet-friendly and under $400 a month with utilities, which I know is going to be really hard to find. I am willing to live with others or, better yet, search with someone else I am compatible with for a place to live. A little about me: in my early 30s, vegetarian (but don't mind if you aren't), queer, aspiring writer and librarian, late-bloomer undergrad at UIC (spring should be my last semester) who works two part-time jobs in the north suburbs. I need to live in an area that allows for an easy commute to and from work some mornings and late evenings (I start at 10 on Mondays and Mon., Tues. & Wed. get out at 9pm) and to school other mornings (also by 10am, Tuesday through Friday), so I am thinking that off a red line or blue line would be the way to go. Things I like: artsy folks, lots of space and quiet but also occasional movie nights or concerts, cocktails with friends, Wii games, backyard parties, coffee-laden conversations about books and movies and creativity, cooking when there's time/it's convenient, walking, reading, spending too much time online. If you can help at all - need a roommate, want to find a place with me, know someone who would - please do contact me! I hope to hear from you soon!

sublet in Bucktown!
I have to move out of my apartment and so I am on the search for a subletter for my huge bedroom! I don't have the exact dimensions, but it is big enough for two nightstands, a king sized bed, a dresser, a desk, and a bookshelf and it doesn't feel crowded at all.
You would be sharing the 2bedroom 1bath apartment with a 20 yr old male student, very cool and works a lot so he isn't around too often. We don't have cable currently but he would be willing to work out a deal with you. Rent is $535 but is negotiable. There would also be a $500 security deposit. The sublet would be from April 1-June 1, which is when our lease currently ends. You could move in before April 1st too, if you wanted.
The apartment is close to the Western blue line and right off of Fullerton and about 15 mins by bus to DePaul and the red line.

1 bed/1 bath, pet friendly, bike friendly, awesome ukrainian village/east village
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This apartment is great and available now for free februrary, regular rent (750) beginning march 1st.

Ohio/Ashland, close to major bus lines, blue line, great bike gateway to wicker park, UIC, etc.
Walk away from Green Grocer, Sip Cafe, Swim Cafe, Tango Cafe, El Barco, Dusty Grooves, Pistol Bizarre vintage, High Dive, Cleo's, Bar Deville, Sonotheque, Starbucks if that's your jam, and Ducks Hotdogs if you're suicidal.

Tree lined street, gated yard for your doggy, big sunny windows for your kitties, storage for your bikes.

Upstairs neighbors are awesome young professionals who play in a band but make no noise upstairs. (they have a practice space outside of the building).

Of course, they are cool and understanding if you are a musician and need to practice, they just want someone cool downstairs.

They will also negotiate a sweet wifi share.

Lemme know!

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1 bedroom 1 bath place on ohio and ashland is now bathroom, dog friendly, gated yard, upstairs neighbors are awesome musician couple that do not have band practice in the house...but honestly wouldnt mind if you were a musician and needed to play guitar or drums or something once in a while.

It's a cool place, great for students..$800 negotiable.

close to bellas pizza, pizza metro, tango cafe, el barco, green grocer, swim cafe, etc

available now or march!

Request for housing
Hi there,

I'm posting on behalf of my brother and his girlfriend who live in Chicago. They're buying a house in Chicago but there's a timing issue on when they can move in and when they're lease is up. They'll be homeless in 11 days unless they can find a sublet or someone willing to take in temporary roommates. It would be for at least one month (September) and they have two cats.

If you have any leads please let me know with a comment or email. If you have a suggestion on where else they can look (besides Craigslist, papers)...maybe another Chicago LJ community?...that would be good to know. They've been there for 2 years but I'm not sure if they know all the places to get information.


Horizon Realty files defamation suit against ex-tenant over Twitter post
Apartment Door
For those of you who have not been following the Horizon Realty case, you can find a very brief synopsis on the Consumerist blog, or if you prefer to read local you can check out the sun-times.

Tl;dr: An ex-tenant posted her complaints about a moldy apartment to her Twitter feed. Horizon is suing her for over $50k in damages. The owner is on record as saying the company is a "sue first and ask questions later" kind of establishment.

Any thoughts or reactions to the situation? Anyone living in a Horizon building right now? Anyone know the defendant personally? I know she scheduled to view some apartments with me earlier this year but wound up finding something else before our appointment.

Courtesy of Neatorama: Landlord of the Flies
Apartment Door
As seen on funkyblog

Gabe, a tenant in St. Charles, IL, chronicles his adventures with a completely unhinged landlord in his blog, Gary: Landlord of the Flies (NSFW). Fortunately as Gary was on a month-to-month lease he was able to pick up and leave. However, I cannot imagine living for five months in a situation like that.

Have any of you ever had a totally crazy situation with a landlord who lived on site?

Ask a landlord #1: Can I change my light fixtures?
Apartment Door
elisabethnara asks:

Can I please replace the boob lights that are featured in every room of my house? I'll hold on to the boob lights in case you want them, but I'd rather put something else up. I promise it'll be in good taste, and I'll have an electrician replace them (on my dime, of course).

I mean, I love boobs as much as the next person, but I don't like them on my ceiling.

Answer followsCollapse )

tl;dr - check for "no alterations" and "lessee to maintain" clauses, talk with your landlord before changing anything, no means no, remember that your wiring may be too old to handle much more than a boob light, and please don't burn down the building.

Ask a landlord: Now taking questions!
Coffee Bunny
So I'd like to start doing a semi-regular series here. (Semi-Regular meaning when I can, no less than once a month.) Landlords can be somewhat frustrating in how they hand down rules and regulations but rarely explain why.

Please comment with questions that you wish you could ask your landlord (or someone with experience in housing) but cannot ask face-to-face. I'll do my best to answer them at least from what I've learned, or through consulting with some of my associates.

What do you do on the day in between?
Headtilt Kitty
Your lease ends at noon (or 11am, or 5pm... any time) on the last day of the month. Your new lease doesn't start until the next day. It's a common problem in the city, where landlords are not prone to letting apartments sit empty for a month. How have you dealt with this problem if you've encountered it before?


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